5 Steps on Building a Lead Generating B2B Profile on LinkedIn!

What can a business do to help build new leads?  Everyone knows that new leads are the life blood of every business.

In today’s world the Search & Discover process goes way beyond just your website.  Prospects are searching Social media as well.  Which social media should a B2B businesses focus on?  There are many social media options, but the B2B heavy hitters are the “my business” page on Google, your business and personal LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter.  However this article focuses on your Personal LinkedIn profiles to help you build leads for your business.

Step 1 – Build Your LinkedIn Profile with Search-Ability in Mind.

After you do some of the basics like adding a professionally taken picture, and customizing your Personal LinkedIn URL, then strengthen your Personal profile with searchable keywords that describe what you do.  Use these words in your title and summary.  These words should be typical ones your prospects search for when they are looking for your products and services. 

Step 2 – Build Connections to Influencers, Prospects, and Clients.

Beyond friends and past coworkers, you should link to clients and prospects or at least as many as you can by building relationships.  LinkedIn requires a legitimate reason to connect such as a coworker or friend.  However, when building new relationships with someone whom you want to connect, the more shared connections you have with a person, then the more likely they will give you a positive response.  Don’t just connect to everyone, but build a strategy on who makes a good connection.  Then build and use legitimate explanations of why you want to connect.  When connecting to new people, refrain from using the default message- add a personal message with your reason for wanting to connect.  Overall the more connections you have creates opportunities to influence prospects with the valuable content you post on LinkedIn.  All of your connections will see your postings. 

Step 3 – Build an Ideal Prospect Persona

Build a Persona of some of your most ideal prospects. Think – is my ideal prospect a business owner, maybe a VP or director of operations, or marketing?  Also -What is the most ideal market vertical?  It may be a particular vertical like restaurants, banks, or manufacturing businesses.  Now find several good examples of your most successful clients – and view their profiles on LinkedIn and learn from their profiles.   What keywords are they using in their profile, what groups did they join, are they posting regular updates to LinkedIn? Leverage this knowledge in building relationships with other prospects in this market vertical.  Also consider how to build this knowledge into your own profile to make it more searchable.

Step 4 – Follow the Companies for your Ideal Prospects and Market Verticals.

Particularly follow those companies you are chasing more seriously.  Information those companies post will now regularly come your way on LinkedIn, or you can manually look at the company posting activity.  Astute marketers in those companies will take note of who follows their company.

Step 5 – Join Groups

The primary purpose for joining groups is not for personal edification, but for the purpose of building lead producing connections to prospects.   Often people join groups from their own industries rather than the interests of their prospects.  If you want to build leads- Join groups with your prospect’s interests in mind.  Study what is being posted and contribute as an influencer after you understand the types of conversations going on in the group.  Join a small number of groups for your own personal interests, and the rest for building relationships with market verticals you are participating in.  Consider joining as many groups as you can up to the maximum that LinkedIn lets you join.   

Do not ever spam groups with canned messages and sales material.  Blatant sales pitches and material sent to the whole group will most likely get you banned from a group.  Groups give a legitimate way to interact with people and start conversations by building influence.  Post quality articles and links see what subjects catch people’s attention.  Be a person that influences others with valued content in the group.

Summary to 5 Key Steps to Building a Lead Generating Profile.

These 5 key steps will help move your LinkedIn profile ahead with a B2B prospecting and lead generating focus. 

– Create a searchable LinkedIn profile with descriptive keywords
– Strategically build new connections to people working in verticals you are chasing
– Understand your prospect’s Persona- know what their interests are.
– Research & follow prospect companies –this feeds your knowledge about the vertical market
– Strategically join groups for the purpose of building leads by influencing with quality content


Mark Colestock helps businesses build their lead generation capabilities.
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