Is a New Search Engine Playing Field in our Future?

Is it time for Search Engine technologies to develop alternate tiers of advertising? Google paid advertising has shown itself to be very effective in getting results. However, have Google and other Search Engine providers missed an opportunity to enhance the user search experience?

Online Searcher’s Point of View using a Search Engine

What if a Search Engine enhanced the user search experience by allowing the searcher to select the business size they are looking for, or maybe select a default size? For example, dividing business categories into small, medium and large may provide users with a more selective search. The user may be searching for a small local business instead of a large nationwide branded business, or vice versa. However today these search results compete on the same playing field. If users could choose between a big, minor or amateur league fields, might the user more quickly find the type of business they would prefer? It seems the user search experience would be enhanced by allowing a new search engine choice.

Online Advertiser’s Point of View

Have the costs of ads made it prohibitive for some startup businesses to afford paid ads? I often run into small startup businesses who are trying to enter a competitive market place to service local communities. Their business plan shows an analysis that they can compete in business. However, competing for advertising is another matter, particularly when the competition for paid advertising may represent their entire first year’s revenue. When small businesses compete against large players in the market, online paid advertising can be seen as cost prohibitive for many of them. These startup businesses are more than willing to put a much smaller amount into online paid advertising, aimed at the smaller local environment. However, because the advertising competition by large spending businesses dominates the playing field- the startup businesses have no choice but to move their advertising budget into other venues. What if that playing field matched the business size rather than one field for all players?  Might advertisers also get more qualified leads, while advertising in the business field size they want to play in? It seems that multiple  search engine playing fields might also work better for advertisers.

Obviously ad space costs more in a major league, then in a local amateur league, but today neither users searching online nor online advertisers have a playing field choice. Is it time for a new Search Engine option to enhance user searches? Does your Search Engine give your this option?

Mark Colestock is a Digital Marketing Consultant for WSI DigNet, a digital marketing agency in St. Paul, MN.