Attended by those seeking advanced training in social selling

Is Social Selling right for my B2B business?  Attached at the bottom is a large info graphic showing 12 steps in the B2B social selling routine that are described in more detail in a new WSI B2B Social Selling webinar course.  Contact Mark Colestock ( to register or get more information

These courses are scheduled roughly once per quarter- please contact me for specific start dates. A Syllabus is shown below.  Registration Deadline – Contact Mark Colestock. To register go to B2B Social Selling Course Registration page Each week has a 1 hour webinar allowing questions- the webinars are recorded and available online if you miss the weekly event, plus homework defined in Syllabus- most of the weekly assignments take less than an hour and are short video clips to watch, but some require more time to actually try the class techniques.  Course costs are $1500 per person.  Homework and Key performance indicators, quizzes are all tracked online.   Many people that are actively engaged in the class are seeing results well before the end of the class.

 The Social Selling class is primarily designed for sales & marketing professionals, executives and business owners, this training program is ideal for companies in the B2B sphere, looking for strategic networking connections. It is a great program for companies with sales teams that need to enhance traditional sales processes and help their sales teams embrace technology to create new opportunities previously unavailable or unknown without social selling.

 The old, interruptive strategies are no longer working like they used to. The Internet has all the information the buyer needs to conduct at least 70% of the buying process without contacting a sales team. Today, sales reps need to have a hybrid model that includes traditional sales techniques (phone, email and voicemail) mixed with a strong social presence and thought leadership.

 World-class sales teams are no longer building a sales pipeline solely via the telephone. Innovative sales leaders understand the new buying process:
–       93% of B2B buyers will begin their buying journey online
–       70% of buyers will view four or more pieces of online information to help them with their decision making process

 Innovative sales teams know they must provide true insight throughout the buyer’s journey, to be seriously considered as a future partner.

 This training can be a great program for B2C business, in particular those classified under Professional Services including:
–       Insurance Companies
–       Investment Bankers
–       Corporate & Residential Real Estate
–       Brokers

 Course Syllabus- Once you sign up you get access to online training materials

Video Min.

Lessons Name


Pre-Work -Introduction to Social Selling

1:36 Min

Cartoon – Traditional Selling vs. Social Selling

0:47 Min

The Irrigation System – your Social Selling System

15:52 Min

Introduction to Social Selling – deck overview


Management Training

2:57 Min

Create a culture of Social Selling

5:48 Min

KPI Network Growth

27 Sec

How many LinkedIn connections do I have

21 Sec

Who viewed my LinkedIn profile in the last 90 Days

30 Sec

Who viewed my LinkedIn profile in the last 7 Days

23 Sec

How many Twitter followers do I have

2:43 Min

KPI Engagement

2:12 Min

How do I identify my content engagement in LinkedIn

1:16 Min.

How do I identify my content engagement in Twitter

6:08 Min

KPI Leads and Opportunities

1:49 Min

How do I track my Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads

1:27 Min

KPI Revenue

9:10 Min

Social Selling Adoption with your team


Sales Kickoff- Top 10 Tips, Tricks & Tactics


Social Selling Kick-off – Tips Tricks and Tactics -Survey


Module 1- Building a buyer-centric Social Profile

25 Sec

Intro Module 1 & see Buyer Centric Profile

1:53 Min

Irrigation Component #1 – 6′ Feeder PVC

6:53 Min

The importance of building a buyer-centric profile

8:32 Min

5 core elements to a LinkedIn Profile

5:39 Min

The difference between Recommendations & Endorsements


Module 2- Mapping your Buyer Personas

42 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

2:00 Min

Irrigation Component #2 – Water Supply Line

3:14 Min

Understanding Decision-Makers vs. Evaluators

4:16 Min

Utilizing LinkedIn Skills to map populous LinkedIn Groups

7:44 Min

How should you balance the 50 LinkedIn Groups? Messaging a buyer for free using a LinkedIn Group. Filtering a list of buyers to message free using a LinkedIn Group


Module 3- Finding content that intrigues your buyer

2:42 Min

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

6:25 Min

Created vs. Curated content for Social Selling

5:12 Min

Twitter – World’s greatest content source

4:19 Min

Setting up a Social Aggregator

1:54 Min

Best Practices around content volume


Module 4- Sharing content to push your buyer off their Status Quo

44 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

2:46 Min

Irrigation Component #4 – Valves

9:19 Min

Sharing content options – Updates, Groups & Individuals

5:52 Min

Content Sharing Tips & Tricks

5:09 Min

Measuring contents engagement in LinkedIn & Twitter


Module 5- Campaigning & Connecting with Buyers

50 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

1:30 Min

Irrigation Component #5 – Manifold & Reserve

3:50 Min

Opportunity Cost of a LinkedIn premium account

6:11 Min

Set-up of Advanced Searches

3:51 Min

Set-up of Profile Organizer

2:38 Min

Set-up of Twitter Lists

4:10 Min

Following companies in LinkedIn

4:31 Min

Customized LinkedIn Connection Requests


Module 6- Trigger Event Selling

50 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

2:40 Min

Irrigation Component #6 – Timer

6:15 Min

What are the Trigger Events should I listen for?

5:08 Min

Understanding the Macro functionality of saved advance searches

2:50 Min

Best Practices & Sample Job Change Alerts in LinkedIn Signal

9:20 Min

Advanced Searches and Saved Searches – 3 for Free

5:43 Min

How to leverage LinkedIn Alerts with new connections and LinkedIn Groups

3:57 Min

Other alert tools to leverage new trigger events


Module 7- Sphere of Influence Selling

54 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

2:29 Min

Irrigation Component #7 – Watering Head “Pop Up”

2:09 Min

What is the “Sphere of Influence”

2:37 Min

How to leverage a client’s corporate page – Insights

1:28 Min

Utilize the “Find a reference” + Connections options for existing clients

4:51 Min

Social Leverage Step-by-Step – People buy from People

2:09 Min

Social Leverage Step-by-Step – Alumni

2:55 Min

Leverage a client corporate page – followers

2:54 Min

Social Leverage Step-by-Step – Introductions

5:02 Min

Messaging Best Practices

4:04 Min

Leveraging the “Why You, Why You Know” process for Social Selling


Module 8- Social Selling Routine 30-to-60 minutes per day

41 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

2:48 Min

Irrigation Component #8 – Riser Post

12:42 Min

Step-by-Step routine of the 12 steps – lengthy video


Module 9- Leveraging Hootsuite for Content Sharing

42 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

1:40 Min

Intro to how content sharing is the fertilizer to growing your territory

3:20 Min

How to set-up your Hootsuite account to fertilize your territory growth

2:27 Min

How to share content using Hootlet

2:29 Min

How to share content using Hootsuite

2:41 Min

Mastering content sharing


Module 10- Leveraging Hootsuite for Social Listening

45 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

1:57 Min

Intro to Module 10

2:15 Min

Setting up Advanced Twitter Lists for Hootsuite

4:54 Min

Setting up Setting up Tabs & Streams in Hootsuite

2:53 Min

Social Listening Best Practices


Module 11- Utilizing the LinkedIn Mobile App

43 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

1:46 Min

Intro to Module 11

2:07 Min

Daily Routine of Mobile Apps

1:25 Min

Daily Routine of Mobile Apps Part 2

4:07 Min

Step by Step Guide to LinkedIn Mobile App


Module 12- Competitive Intelligence

42 Sec

Intro & See Instructor led PowerPoint presentations

1:12 Min

How to leverage LinkedIn Signal for competitive intelligence

2:48 Min

How to create an internal system for sharing the intelligence

4:54 Min

Reviewing competitors recommendations for future clients

1:31 Min

Using Hootsuite to track user events for new prospects

4:12 Min

Using Hootsuite to Monitor Trigger Events at Trade Shows and Conferences


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