Is Content Really King? Or is There a “Con” in the “Tent”?

Remember someone once said “There is a Sucker born every minute”, did he have our current Internet situation in mind?   On the Internet, anyone can build a content story and try to make it sound real, but we might later find out it is a fraud.  I am sure we have all been emailed Internet story links by well-intentioned family and friends who thought an article or story was true.  More often than not, these days I find myself checking other sources on the web to get some agreement that the article is true, or a hoax, or an outright fabrication.  But the tougher articles to verify are the ones that are at least partially true.

 Content has often been declared King in many a blog, but is this really the case?   I do believe that content is King in digital marketing, but we have to be careful of not creating a “Con” in producing the in “tent” of its structure.   Coming from an engineering background, I have often wanted to see nicely laid out digital marketing formula for the purposes of developing and building content. There certainly are many key parameters that can contribute to well written content.  The content value comes from the presentation’s pertinence, timeliness and how it is presented.   However, there often is more psychology to content presentation than including key parameters in the content and its structure.


The Con in the Tent

There are some that want to focus on the psychology of the search engine.  Certainly we need to understand the things that are valued by the search engines.  However focusing on the search engine formula feels like it is gaming the system.  You may find an approach that works for a while.  Write a few good books and many blogs about it, but eventually many of these old techniques find a home in the grave yard, and another new technique is born.  Overall this focus seems to fit a phrase that was once attributed to P.T.  Barnum (but later was found to come from a detractor, criticizing his success)  “There is a sucker born every minute”.  The reality is that some of these techniques succeed for a season, but fade when a new circus animal enters the search arena.


The King of the Net

The real focus and value ought to be content focused on the psychology of solving people’s real issues and needs.  The content’s focus ought to be on helping people find and know the reality of situations-by giving succinct insights into how to understand a complex product or issue.   What are people really trying to discover?  Then create content that describes concepts in terms that an audience can easily understand.  Image Graphics and illustrations are always helpful in finding simplified ways to teach and show people how to discover solutions to their issues.  Info graphics also have recently become very popular.  People appreciate a well thought out simplified diagram of how things fit together in an entertaining way.

The bottom line for content and how it remains king in digital marketing is for content to create the right kind of truthful value for people searching for information, and not faking the search engine system to create a false sense of value for the reader.

About the author: Mark Colestock is active in Digital Marketing, with specialty services in SEO, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, and helping businesses understand their web analytics.