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Free WSI Webinar to Discuss
“How to Generate More Qualified Leads Using
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Thursday, March 28 @ 10AM (CDT) | Register Now

Pay-per-click advertising is one of those digital marketing tactics that many utilize, but few master. But when used correctly – with the best strategies for your particular business – you can easily and quickly generate a lot more qualified leads. PPC is all about meticulously targeting your ideal audience, which ultimately boosts your business’ online conversion rates!

In this upcoming complimentary webinar, “How to Generate More Qualified Leads Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising,” WSI is set to uncover everything you need to make your next PPC campaign incredibly successful. Attendees will gain the know-how on PPC fundamentals like:

  • How to determine what keywords to rank for and bid on
  • How to target your keywords to specific audiences
  • Using metrics to tweak your online campaign performance
  • An overview of the brand new ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ feature in Google AdWords

For any professional looking to generate more qualified leads for their business (and who isn’t?), this free 60-minute session is an absolute must-attend. Reserve your seats now!

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