Mobile Friendly Websites Avoid the Ancient Ruins Facade

Did your website once have better days and now needs a new Mobile friendly face lift?

Your website is not alone. Nearly 85-90% of websites today are not Mobile Friendly for mobile devices. I find that business owners are typically surprised by the shift from desktops to mobile searches taking place on the web. Each business needs to be aware of how their customers are using mobile devices. Is your website being looked at by potential customers using mobile devices?  Are those users immediately leaving your site because it is not Mobile Friendly?

Users want Mobile friendly websites

Over 72% of consumers want mobile friendly websites, this according to a recent article in Search Engine watch. The trend for the number of mobile devices in 2013 will overtake the number of desktop computers. Businesses that have not made mobile friendly websites are rapidly starting to find themselves out of pace with website users.

Mobile web searchers are increasing their buying decisions.

Not only are there more mobile devices entering the market, but the mobile device users are making more buying decisions from their mobile devices. For example mobile only sales at eBay have increased 200% for Q3 2012 over the same period 2011. Read more at

Websites rankings lose out to sites with mobile friendly pages

Since there are more mobile device searches taking place, Google is factoring mobile into their search algorithm. Google is now rating search results higher just because a website has mobile friendly web pages. The message is clear that websites without mobile friendly pages are being rated lower in search rankings.

Does your website need that mobile friendly face lift? Start looking for your mobile web solution today and don’t delay, run or your website may be left behind in searches.

Mark Colestock is an Internet consultant with WSI- a full services web solution provider in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

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