Mobile Solutions for your business on the Web

My last Inside Scoop blog article mentioned several technologies that were important for businesses in 2013.  These technologies are synergistic with each other, but one of the most important steps to take in 2013 is to add a mobile solution to your website.  Leverage Mobile search, both Mobile SEO and Mobile PPC, to help your website work hand in hand with your website’s mobile solution

Creating a Mobile Solution video

I also wanted to practice building videos and use them as demonstrations to show how a YouTube video enhances your website.  Videos on YouTube can attract traffic to your website by YouTube’s search engine.  YouTube searches are second only to Google in search volume.  It also borders the realm into social media, by allowing businesses to create attractive video presentations of their products and services.  In the above video, we demonstrate how to create fresh entertaining and engaging content that often holds a searchers attention better than reading through text. 

YouTube SEO will enhance your web presence and your Mobile Solution

If your business spends time enhancing your business with YouTube videos, you will be staying a step ahead of your competition in YouTube search results.  Also if your business expands its YouTube SEO efforts, you definitely will have an edge over competition.  Building SEO keyword phrases into your video’s support text material will help build search traffic to your website.


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