Virtual World Property of Snow

Web Properties must be claimed

As I am stuck inside my house today with a heavy Minnesota snow falling outside, the Internet Virtual World calls and opens up a door to get outside the house. This got me thinking about my home location in Minnesota’s snow country versus my virtual world property location. Have you claimed any virtual world web properties recently? What virtual property do you own, and does it have value?

Web properties in a Virtual World have a Value of convenience

Often the value of our virtual property comes through convenience, such as claiming an easily recognizable name on social media on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, or Pinterest. We want our own name space, but often many people with similar ideas and names, have already claimed the space we are after. Then we need to discover and claim creative name variants before they are virtually taken by others. Tech savvy parents are sometimes claiming these web properties for their infant children. Name web properties have a convenience value for us, or our families. However, in the case of infants I wonder if these web properties will become worthless before the children grow up.

Web Storage Properties

Will new social media networks in 3-5 years make our web property claims obsolete? We certain have experienced obsolescence in the past with off-line technologies, such as with audio cassette and VCR video tapes. In recent years I was disappointed to find that old magnetic recordings of my kids on audio cassettes no longer played well, and the VCR video quality was definitely lower than it used to be. Let alone trying to find viable devices to play the recordings. We definitely have gone digital, but even digital technologies have moved through their own changes, making old floppies or small capacity hard drives obsolete. But digitally stored files can be moved to newer version of the virtual environments- where now we even have cloud storage. How much more virtual can you be? Do you own any cloud virtual web properties?

Web Properties Need to claim Addresses

Certainly businesses own websites and advertise their location on their website. Isn’t this enough to advertise your location? Not if you are trying to dominate search information about your business. There are a number of virtual places, such as Google+, LinkedIn business pages, Facebook business pages, where Web Properties all need to be claimed, in order to build effective search results. Some web properties also require you to verify your location through a certification process that sends a post card to the location. The certification process helps prevent others from claiming your physical location in a virtual online environment.

Mark Colestock, is a digital marketing strategist at WSI DigNet, helping businesses with their online marketing needs.