WSI Albuquerque on a SEO project with EXHIB-IT!

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Description: EXHIB-IT! Has hired WSI for a SEO Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico

 WSI, the worlds largest internet marketing business has partnered with EXHIB-IT! (, a distributer of tradeshow displays and services.  EXHIB-IT! makes your event as successful as possible from concept to completion with full training, shipping and storage

 WSI consulted on the design and development of the SEO program, which resulted in the redesign of some elements of their existing website, but left the basic site design intact. 

 EXHIB-IT! Has a large selection of trade show products and services:

Variety of Pop Up Displays
Large selection of Portable Trade Show Displays

 WSI has provided keyword mapping to on-page SEO.  A study of on-line product demand is conducted and mapped into a strategic architecture for the company website and all company web properties.  Then SEO analysts create specialized on-page programming, and highly optimized page content for publication both on the company website, and through syndication channels like Google +, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr, as well as building a social presence on CPI’s FaceBook page. 

 By carefully customizing this content strategy through on-page and off-page activities, WSI has achieved great results through a highly conservative approach that has proved resistant to changes in Google’s search algorithm’s and even improved client visibility as less reputable SEO approaches cause competitors to disappear from Search Engine Visibility.

 For further details on WSI’s capabilities and strategies around SEO, SEM, Paid Search, and online marketing opportunities in general, please contact us for a free consultation.