WSI in SEO Engagement with Podolny Group

WSI is working with Podolny Group, first by replacing their old website with a new responsive site and then improving their search rankings. Podolny Group works with business owners who are planning an exit. The best way to do this is through a succession planning process that accounts for personal goals and issues.

WSI has completed On-Page Optimization and is now focusing in building the popularity of the Podolny website by building links from other high value sites. Some of the pages that have been optimized include

Business Valuation

Exit Strategy for Small Business

Business Valuation Calculator

Formula for Selling A Business

Off-page optimization activities for the site will include creating Google+ page, optimizing high quality directory listings, blogging to Blogspot, WordPress, and Tumblr as well as ongoing social media posts. Monthly reports using Google Analytics and third party programs to track sources of entrance into the site, sources of online registrations, and sources of online requests for more information will provide critical information to the client.