WSI Internet Marketing Optimizes Clients’ Assisted Living Web Site

WSI Internet Marketing has launched an in-depth on-page search engine optimization initiative for Bethesda Senior Living, a nationwide network of senior assisted living communities.

Bethesda Senior Living had really never optimized its site using an organic search strategy in the past. By joining forces with WSI, Bethesda Senior Living received the strategic information they needed to implement a comprehensive keyword strategy on one section of their web site-10 pages focused on the Bethesda Gardens community in Phoenix, AZ.

Using a highly focused strategy on the entire section of Phoenix pages serves as a concise and measurable pilot program for future SEO efforts on other communities’ pages. To begin optimizing the site based on existing search volume, the WSI team conducted thorough key word research using the Google keyword tool. Because of the narrow focus on senior living in a single metro area, a small and relevant keyword list was compiled. A primary keyword [assisted living phoenix az] was chosen, as well as supplemental keywords in the same semantic category.

The primary keyword was mapped to the “home” page of the Phoenix section where it was written into the URL directly next to the root domain:

See the live example: Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ

Supplemental key words were mapped to the remaining pages. URLs were structured as follows:

See the live examples:

  • Assisted Living Phoenix
  • Phoenix Retirement Communities
  • Phoenix Assisted Living
  • Retirement Communities Phoenix
  • Senior Living Phoenix
  • Retirement Community Phoenix
  • Retirement Community Phoenix Arizona
  • Phoenix Senior Living
  • Retirement Communities Phoenix AZ
  • Senior Housing Phoenix
  • Phoenix Retirement Community

While non-ecommerce sites sometimes don’t utilize a primary keyword as a kind of “category,” WSI Expert Internet Marketing took the unique approach of creating a primary keyword and many smaller, supplemental keywords so that every one of the 10 pages would contribute to the overall search engine success on the primary keyword.

After the optimized pages had been live for several weeks it was already receiving the organic footprint of the Phoenix pages and was growing stronger. Four of the keywords listed above yielded first page results for Bethesda Senior Gardens on Google for the first time in the web site’s history. Office staff in Phoenix reports the phone ringing and the emails coming in. During the next several months, the off page optimization as well as additional link building efforts accelerated these trends.