WSI Optimizes Clients’ Dance Clothing E-commerce Site

WSI DigNet, an Internet marketing consulting firm founded and operated by Internet expert Mark Colestock.  At WSI we have built the on-page search engine optimization for Online Dancewear, an international provider of specialty dance clothing and accessories for women and girls.

The Strategy

Online Dancewear had made little effort to optimize the site for organic search efficiency in the past. After partnering with WSI, they decided it was time to overhaul the site’s architecture and link structure to increase visibility in the search engines.

The first step in optimizing the site based on existing search volume was to conduct thorough key word research. Through a process known as “semantic mapping”, WSI was able to compile and cluster keywords with similar meaning into major and minor groups. These key word groups were then mapped to the categories of products already offered by Online Dancewear as follows:

While some E-commerce sites group products based on “common sense” categories, WSI took the unique approach of creating purely search-driven categories directly corresponding to keyword search frequency in the semantic map. The only one of these categories that does not correspond to the semantic map is the Closeout category, which serves a strictly practical purpose for disposing of the client’s discontinued inventory.

The next step in the web site re-work process was to map key words that still contained a high amount of search volume but did not apply to main categories to the product sub categories. Based on the semantic mapping exercise, sub category keywords were easily grouped underneath the primary categories. In all, the WSI has optimized Online Dancewear’s site for over 70 keywords.  Here is a sampling as follows:




As soon as the site went live, we found that the search engines rapidly indexed the new content. During the analysis we found that organic search volume was up as well as conversions. After the initial on page optimization was done, the following six months was spent with off page optimization as well as organic link building, which accelerated the search trends.